At Usana sustainable and ethical farming methods mean products not only taste better but are also better for our planet. Brothers, Pierre & JP’s hands on approach on their farm is why Usana has become so highly regarded.

Their livestock are treated humanly and with great respect for their wellbeing. The chickens have their own traveling caravans, which move them around the farm so they can free roam over wide areas, naturally fertilising the pastures for the roaming cattle to follow. This regenerative ethos runs throughout the business and into their wine making. As such Usana creates wines which are truly unique and superbly crafted.

At Folk we stock, and use as ingredients in our kitchen, Usana eggs, beef and wine. Honest food made with ethical, healthy ingredients is what we strive for and our partnership with Usana brings us one step closer to delivering on this promise to our customers.

Next time you visit us sit down for a breakfast beni or a steak dinner and a bottle of Usana Cab Sav and make sure you pick up Usana eggs, rump, sirloin, fillet, beef boerewors, hamburgers and droewors from our deli to use in your kitchen at home.

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